1.Starting Your Ride

  • How do I unlock my E-Scooter?
  • How do I start?

2.Finishing Your Ride

  • How do I finish my ride?

3.Operating Area & Parking Policy

  • Where is your operating area?
  • Where can I park my E-Scooter at the end of my ride?
  • What happens if I park outside of the operating area?

4.Pricing + Top Ups / Pay-Per-Ride & Coupons

  • How much does WIND charge?
  • Which payment methods does WIND accept?
  • What is the benefit of topping up credit to my account?
  • What about Coupons ?

How do I unlock my E-Scooter?

Scan the QR code on the handlebar to unlock. Alternatively, you can also enter the 8-digit E-Scooter number to unlock.If it is too dark, tap the flashlight icon once you open the QR code scanner. IMPORTANT – it’s only possible to use 1 E-Scooter on 1 customer account at the same time.

How do I start?

Step on the E-Scooter and kick to start your ride. Use the right button to accelerate, and the left button to break. Keep both feet on the E-Scooter while riding and ride in bike lanes where available. Do no ride on sidewalks.If your E-Scooter is equipped with a back wheel break – step on the back wheel to break. To ride safely, use the brake to slow down when needed.

How do I finish my ride?

To finish your ride, tap on "End Ride". You will be requested to take a picture of the parked E-scooter. After uploading the picture, your ride will be finished. Park your E-scooter correctly, always taking in account pedestrians and other user of the public space.

Where is your operating area?

Check the map to see the operating area in your city.You can start and end your ride wherever you want within the operating area in the same region displayed without any surcharges. If your city has available Parking Spots marked in the app with a “P” , please do park there as doing otherwise is not allowed.Make sure you don´t leave the operating area at any time during your ride. If there are any red zones marked, please note that you can ride the E-Scooter there but you are not allowed to park the E-Scooter within a red zone. Make sure you finish your ride inside the operating area, and park your E-Scooter properly. If you park your E-Scooter outside the operating area, retrieval service charges will incur for you.

Where can I park my E-Scooter at the end of my ride?

You can only park the E-Scooter in spaces specifically suited for that. It is prohibited to park by tying the E-Scooters to trees, traffic lights, streetlights, and other unsuitable public structures. It is also prohibited to park in areas where it obstructs emergency exits, load and unload zones, no parking zones, reserved parking spaces, or anywhere where the E-Scooter will bother pedestrians.Remember to park in an accessible space and don’t block public pathways. Use the Parking Spots of your city if available. You can find them in your app marked with a “P”.

What happens if I park outside of the operating area?

The rate for retrieving an E-Scooter from outside the Operating Area can go from 25€ to 100€. 

How much does WIND charge?

Standard price for E-Scooters: Starting at 1€ to unlock then 0.15€ / 1 min. The trip starts once the E-Scooter is unlocked and stops when the E-Scooter is locked via app.

Which payment methods does WIND accept?

You can pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), PayPal and Apple Pay. We currently support Apple Pay in Spain and France, and In Israel you can only pay by credit card. Regardless of which payment method you use, we will charge 1€ to verify the account. This 1€ will be refunded immediately. We will only charge any further amounts after finishing a ride, or if you top-up your credit. IMPORTANT – You can pay your ride either via top-up or on a pay-per-ride option. To pay per ride, simply link a valid payment method, and skip the top up suggestion if it shows. Your rides will be charged directly to the payment method you have linked. If you wish to top up, use the top up option under “My wallet” anytime. The cost for your rides will be deducted from your balance.

What is the benefit of topping up credit to my account?

If you add credit to your account, you will be rewarded with a bonus that can be used for rides when your credit has been used up. The bonus amount you can be rewarded with, varies depending on the city, and will be displayed when you tap on “Top up”.

What about Coupons ?

All coupons will be valid for 30 days after you have received the coupon. The coupons will be used in the sequence you received them. Choosing which coupon you would like to use is not possible. Only 1 coupon usable per ride – no combination possible. Each coupon is valid for 1 ride only. If you use a fraction of one coupon, the whole coupon will be redeemed.